Do you believe that Pharmacist importance has gone in the modern healthcare industry?

Firstly, let us start from ancient days where Ayurveda was the only option for illness. Those days, Doctor/Ayurveda Doctor diagnose disease based on physical observations like pulse, skin color, eyelids, eye color, eye movement etc and information said by the patient. After diagnosis, Ayurveda medicine is compounded and provided to the patient along with the time of administration, route of administration and way of administration like with food or without food etc. REMEMBER here, the person who diagnosed, prescribed and knows how to compound a medicine for a particular disease called as doctors which means he knows diagnosing techniques, compounding techniques, and prescribing techniques.

As days passed on, allopathy profession came into existence in the form of doctors, lab technician, and Pharmacist. But the now/present Pharmacist has no diagnosing skills but only the compounding skills with which he spends years in giving birth to a medicine in the form of the tablet, capsule, injection, and syrup etc., and he knows how that medicine works. After some years that medicine will be launched in the market.

Remember, here the ancient medicine compounding person’s (Ayurveda doctor) skills appeared in Industrial Pharmacist who compounds medicine and allopathic pharmacist who can only sell medicine with the help of prescription by a doctor; he does not have any rights to diagnose and prescribe.

The Pharmacist studies Pharmacology which is a branch of medicine, deals with the mechanism of action, uses and effects of drugs. After human anatomy and physiology, Pharmacology is a key subject for Doctors. Of course, Pharmacist studies human anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, biochemistry but not in depth as doctors. He (Industrial Pharmacist) knows compounding a medicine, writes a prescribing information leaflet to guide doctors as well as patient regarding administration details, concludes/defines the mechanism of action of the drug and knows pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics of the drug as well.

Even though pharmacist is only considered as medicine seller. Why doesn’t consider him as a prescriber? At least to people who study 6 years of Pharma D course.

In every field, there are some people (generally called as leaders or legends of a particular field) to enhance their field importance and provide name and fame to persons who excel in the particular field. But, are those things happening in the pharmaceutical industry? Are the Pharma legends helping the pharmacist for their rights in terms of professional career, in terms of wages?




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