Vitamin D: A Short Communication

Vitamin D:

Although it is a vitamin, it works as a hormone. When we expose to the sun, Body is being made by the cholesterol with a chemical reaction. The reaction yield Cholecalciferol, and the liver converts cholecalciferol to Calcidiol. This can be converted into calcitriol by Kidneys and It considers as an active form of Hormone in the body.

Of course, Approx 10% of the Vitamin D available in Oily seafood and Milk but It is not enough, and rest vitamin D is being made by the body itself as stated above.

Why do you need Vitamin D:

Vitamin D assistances the body absorb the calcium to facilitate the blood calcium levels are at the perfect point. The function of vitamin D (Calcitriol) is to enable the mineralization of strong and healthy bones.

Does it show a substantial effect?

Yup, It shows a substantial effect on many systems in the body. Generally, we couldn’t easily identify, because most of times symptoms may not be triggered, though few general following symptoms occurred:

  • Often exposure to sickness: Vitamin D plays a key role in the Immune system which fights with infection and protects the body. Hence Lack of Calcitriol (Vit-D) triggers the sickness.
  • Faintness: Faintness and Fatigue mainly occur due to lack of Vitamin D.
  • A backache: We require Vitamin D for getting the strong and Healthy Bones. If the lack of Vitamin D leads to joint pains, Backaches may occur.
  • Depression: Vitamin D is also one of the reasons for the Depression. It doesn’t mean depression has been developed by Vitamin D. There is a chance of getting depression.
  • Soreness of the lesion: Lack of Calcitriol may be the reason for it.
  • Hair fall: We often look at stress and other vitamins if hair fall occurs. Vitamin D may also be the reason for it.







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