High BP is an indication for heart abnormalities. We can call it as a silent killer which means we may not see the symptoms till getting the major damage. Identification is the major step to protect yourself. Following are the few symptoms indicating the High BP.

High BP symptoms:

  • Often observe that pain in the chest
  • Fell drowsy
  • May get difficulty while breathing
  • Blurred vision
  • May observe the blood drops in the urine / Red colored urination.
  • Fatigue, Anxiety and headache may be the reason for BP
  • Heat disorders which means abnormal heart beat.
  • May bleed from nose.

If you find any such symptoms, consult your physician and start the treatment.

Remedies to stay away from BP:

  • Try to reduce your stress. You can take any hobby such as reading, writing stories and listening to favorite music to relief yourself or else practice yoga, exercise and meditation.
  • Are you diabetic? If you are, there are many chance to entangle into the Blood Pressure. So, make a proper diet plan, healthy conversation with your dears, and sleep cycle (go to bed on time and wake up on time – follow it daily)
  • Overweight may be the one reason for High BP. Try to reduce your weight.
  • Go for a walk about 30min a day or do any physical exercise under the supervision of qualified trainer.
  • Plan your diet with milk and its products, fruits, veggies, nuts and potassium rich foods.

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